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Hello, welcome to our site. Save the earth by using our advertisement products. Get our high traction time! We put your brands in our biodegradable paper cups. We distributed them to hundreds of our partnered coffee shops (YAY, they don't need to buy plastic cups anymore, plastics polluted the earth!). It takes more than 2000 s for a person to drink a coffee while staring at your ads. To make it better, we can put QR-Code in our cups. We are much better than a billboard. We are the new wave of advertising company.

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Who we are?

Albert Fajar Yuga - Our CEO was graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a master degree in Finance and Applied Statistics. He formed Iklan Kreatif in order to help reduce the usage of plastics in Indonesia while revolutionizing the way people create advertising. He believes that an advertisement should have value to society and environment as well. Our papercup theory is the perfect new way to advertise. The coffee segment UMKM will receive huge benefits as they do not need to purchase plastic cups anymore. It helps their cost. In the mean time, beacause plastics are non biodegradable, we reduce pollution by replacing them with paper cups. In addition, we reducing them by using corporate money. Corporate do not have to worry because they got their brands spreaded like crazy to people who drinks from our products. With technology, we even put QR-Code in the cup, tracks our cups and add gamification in our cups. Let say people who scan the code will go to a certain pages with product information and then receive a reward such as cell phone credit or game token. Thus, not onlye we reduce pollution, help UMKM, we also give you the highest advertisement traction time in a product (more than 2000 s per person who drinks from our cup).As our CEO put it in words, "we are much better than a billboard in the street."

Produk Kami

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Basic Pack - 49.99 mil

Branded Paper Cup! Still much better than a billboard. We put your brand in our paper cups and distributed 2400 pcs to 30 coffee shops of your segment profile choices (high end or low end). Your will receive pictures of our team handing over the products with their GPS location tags. We also put the environment logo and our special thanks to you for supporting our go green movement.

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Premium Pack - 99.99 mil

QR-Coded Paper Cup! Much better than anything else. We distributed 2400 cups on 50 coffee shops of your choice. We put QR-Code with gamification in our cups. YAY we can track our cups, who scan them and where! We can even influence the sub-consious mind of your customers with "embedded ads" technique. You can check the traction reports on your dashboard app. Wuhuuuu!

Contact Us

Phone : 0282-533600

Cell(WA) : 08112805529

Email : ayusdipu@gmail.com

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